Pond coating – safety with surety

Everyone wants his pond in a perfect and awesome condition which is not possible without maintenance. In maintenance the thing comes first is pond leak repair. They are very common but the ways to repair them are not common. Your pond beauty is actually based on the process adopted to repair. Coating is an excellent finish to cover and stop leaks in ponds. The coat of primer and third coats of Pond coating can make your pond as fresh as rose for years without having leaks. You have to apply one coat of pond coating in very easy way without help of any professional. You may call if you are being shy. But after watching him applying Pond coating, you will come to know how easy it is.


  • Clean and preparing the pond surface with Cleaner
  • Mix the product with driller
  • Apply the pond coating in all the area if you are using it as per caution
  • Apply it only at effected or damaged area if you have just purpose of repair
  • Allow a minimum of three to four days to let it dry
  • One coat of is recommended for complete sealing of surface.
  • 24 hours after last coat, if rain starts no need to worry. It is waterproof.
  • It is recommended that product must be mixed with driller not with hand to get a smooth lump free consistency.
  • All the corner areas must be repaired and enhanced their beauty and look with safety.

Each gallon of coating covers approximately 42 square feet. It is use able within four hour that is enough time. Once the mixture becomes stiff and unworkable after time does not use it. Discard and mix fresh material if you need more. As it is said that one coat is enough, practically it has proven. It amazingly resists against fire, temperature extreme and freezing. In the market there is not any other product which could beat it in cost, time saving and durability. Pond coating is like an ornament for pond and keeps it beautiful for years with warranty.

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