Concrete pond leak-say them bye

You are excavating the area for your concrete pond. You have dreams to see your pond beautiful and fresh. Any trees or bushes should be completely uprooted to prevent roots from growing back and cracking the concrete. If you are going to build a concrete pond you would have thinking about its sturdiness and long lasting qualities. For ideas, Search Internet sites and home and garden magazines for concrete pond plans. Get the best form every source. Do precaution to save it from leaks. Because if this hard work you will find it later it will frustrate you.


You envision the best design for your concrete pond but after some months you come to know that the most studies and the long lasting pond are leaking. That is the moment when you see your dreams breaking. But hold a while nothing has been destroyed and if you will come towards repair with pond coating as soon as possible nothing will be gone as well. Pond coating can be the better solution of Concrete pond leak. You may do it yourself without help of any contract just do this.

Calculate your budget by making a list of the materials you’ll need

  • A brush, Pond coating a bucket for mixing
  • May be you already have these things with you
  • Driller is must mix the pond coatings best results
  • Make your pond empty
  • Wash it and locate the leak
  • Mark it and spread pond coating on required area
  • Let it be dried and your repair is done

Depending on the temperature and humidity, hardening usually occurs within 24hours. But after applying within this period if starts raining, your pond is leak free so don’t worry. Pond coating is 3 times longer than other and easy to apply with cost-effectiveness. In its natural process, the product dries tiny bubbles can return to the surface and leave water tight seal. With a longer warranty, you may enjoy the beauty of your pond. It is not only water resistant but also heat and fire resistant and best for concrete open pores.


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