Liquid Rubber Pond Coating with tensile bond strength

Pond sealing has been a big issue for pond owners. It takes a great amount yearly from their budget. They don’t have any option except removing the pond if they don’t do this so they are compelled to do the repair again and again. Everyone wants the repair what could last longer and cost less. But nobody wants to compromise on quality. Different liners are available in the market for repairing the broken part of the pond. They seal the pond for some time as excellent that you feel you will never get the leak again but very soon you get it with a bigger problem. It is the frustrating situation and nobody wants it for longer.


Liquid Rubber Pond Coating comes at the stage to solve all your pond issues. Professional grade pond coating provides lasting protection what is harmless for pond surface and water life at all. Its waterproofing is having as much strength that waterproofing for Koi ponds, water features, and liquid containment systems is famous all over the world. Rubber Pond Coating research is the most elastic and strongest coating available for water or liquid containment. Of the several coating products sold under names like Pond Coating, Pond Liner, Pond Sealer, etc. With pond coating, your fountain or water feature will be safe in all seasons.

It contains virtually maintenance free with a surface where algae cannot grow or any other problem cannot rise. In extreme boiling temperature you won’t afraid of pond liner puncture and in freezing cold you won’t have to be worried about freezing pond. With a tensile bond strength stronger than concrete, your single coat of SealTite will provide true lasting protection and waterproofing for any pond or fountain.

DIY Liquid Rubber Pond Coating application is consists of 3 steps

  • Draining
  • Cleaning
  • Applying

For components which are easily mixed and applied based on your specific requirements, you need just bucket and brush with the driller. Just one click of a mouse can give you the delivery of this excellent product within 24 hours. Mix it with the driller and drain out the whole water of your leaky pond. Make the surface washed and cleaned dry then apply it with the brush on the leaky area. If you coat the whole pond it will be better as it will not leak from anywhere for ten years. After application within 24 hours if it starts raining then you doesn’t need to be worried your Liquid Rubber Pond Coating has started work efficiently and the surface has been waterproof.

Rubber Pond Coating with tensile bond strength stronger than four times more than any common sealant can save your pond better. Your single coat of Pond Coating can fight with high temperature and weather. Nothing can make your pond destroy at all. Liquid Rubber Pond Coating is 100% non-toxic and cant harm the water life at all. Even Koi specialist suggests it for koi survival. As you know koi is very costly and sensitive pet and can be killed with the little mistake. With the healthy pond atmosphere of Liquid Rubber Pond Coating, it is surely safe. Finally, you can say that it is the best one.


Pond coating paint, no substitute is here for it

Build your pond to last longer that is a wish of every pond owner. Fortunately, now you may fulfill your wish by doing its proper care. See what the proper care is. You have to keep the water clean and fresh. You have to check the pond for leaks. If you come to know there is some leakage that you need a paint that can bond to the surface being applied to and stay there. Don’t delay your action after knowing about the leakage.

Pond Coating Paint

Environmental scientists for several decades now have been establishing trends between anthropogenic. Qualities of a Pond coating paint for Ponds, if you have a structured pond like concrete ponds are countless. It is not only to seal the surface but also can seal the liner as well. It’s the timing of application and drying is lesser than other. Its cost is affordable and application is easy.

You will be amazed to know the qualities of Pond coating paint. It is not just a sealing product for leaking pond but complete treatment for pond leakage and surface. It gives a protection layer to your pond that it remains safe in all coming seasons of ten years. The longest warranty period does not ask you to give maintenance during that period. You may save a huge amount of contractor charges, maintenance charges and your pond surface. It is a big saving and no any other pond solution offers this practically. The one extra good quality of Pond coating paint is that it can be used within four hours of making. That is enough time. Its single coat may revue all the damages and gaps including your worries.

Choosing waterproof Pond coating is a very important step in creating a new pond or repairing an old one. Its easy application is required at any sunny day but if accidentally after its application it starts raining, don’t worry at all. Your hard work will not be wasted and the application will remain useful. Pond coating paint is advisable to prepare the product with the help of driller rather than your hand at the time of mixing. Preparing to Paint the Pond is easy with it

  • Just make the pond empty.
  • Clean your pond
  • Provide a sound surface for the waterproof paint application
  • Washing it with detergent let it be dry
  • Keep your fish and plant safe at any substitution place
  • Follow the instructions strictly
  • Apply just one coat with roller or brush
  • Wait for its dry condition
  • You will see that at the time of Pond coating paint application it was liquid but as it dries it becomes the solid rubber

It is a good idea to apply it at the time of pond construction costly problems must be heading off before they rise. It is the best protection from the mold and algae and keeps the water healthy for water life. It is very much reliable and understanding towards your pond needs and nothing can be its substitute at all. For all temperatures and weathers, it has got resistance to survive. It does not peel off or crack and gives a new look to your pond.