Liquid Rubber Pond Coating with tensile bond strength

Pond sealing has been a big issue for pond owners. It takes a great amount yearly from their budget. They don’t have any option except removing the pond if they don’t do this so they are compelled to do the repair again and again. Everyone wants the repair what could last longer and cost less. But nobody wants to compromise on quality. Different liners are available in the market for repairing the broken part of the pond. They seal the pond for some time as excellent that you feel you will never get the leak again but very soon you get it with a bigger problem. It is the frustrating situation and nobody wants it for longer.


Liquid Rubber Pond Coating comes at the stage to solve all your pond issues. Professional grade pond coating provides lasting protection what is harmless for pond surface and water life at all. Its waterproofing is having as much strength that waterproofing for Koi ponds, water features, and liquid containment systems is famous all over the world. Rubber Pond Coating research is the most elastic and strongest coating available for water or liquid containment. Of the several coating products sold under names like Pond Coating, Pond Liner, Pond Sealer, etc. With pond coating, your fountain or water feature will be safe in all seasons.

It contains virtually maintenance free with a surface where algae cannot grow or any other problem cannot rise. In extreme boiling temperature you won’t afraid of pond liner puncture and in freezing cold you won’t have to be worried about freezing pond. With a tensile bond strength stronger than concrete, your single coat of SealTite will provide true lasting protection and waterproofing for any pond or fountain.

DIY Liquid Rubber Pond Coating application is consists of 3 steps

  • Draining
  • Cleaning
  • Applying

For components which are easily mixed and applied based on your specific requirements, you need just bucket and brush with the driller. Just one click of a mouse can give you the delivery of this excellent product within 24 hours. Mix it with the driller and drain out the whole water of your leaky pond. Make the surface washed and cleaned dry then apply it with the brush on the leaky area. If you coat the whole pond it will be better as it will not leak from anywhere for ten years. After application within 24 hours if it starts raining then you doesn’t need to be worried your Liquid Rubber Pond Coating has started work efficiently and the surface has been waterproof.

Rubber Pond Coating with tensile bond strength stronger than four times more than any common sealant can save your pond better. Your single coat of Pond Coating can fight with high temperature and weather. Nothing can make your pond destroy at all. Liquid Rubber Pond Coating is 100% non-toxic and cant harm the water life at all. Even Koi specialist suggests it for koi survival. As you know koi is very costly and sensitive pet and can be killed with the little mistake. With the healthy pond atmosphere of Liquid Rubber Pond Coating, it is surely safe. Finally, you can say that it is the best one.

Pond shield coating, something more than the best

Water gardening in any form of waterfalls, still basins, fountains, all of the ponds can enhance the charm of your yard or lawn. With the help of lighting, plants, and fish they can be more decorated. Pond or natural water source can consist of quality of holding water.


It’s a great job to create a beautiful outdoor water garden that adds value to your home. But it’s greatest to maintain it for years. Everyone loves the sound of trickling water of the pond; the hard thing is its continuity without leaks. Leaking pond is not uncommon word for Pond owners. You would have also repaired your Pond many times. It’s common but frustrating. No one wants it again when faced one time. Normally it’s hard to get time for pond maintenance.

You have created a unique focal point for your entire family entertained, rather than spending time in its repairing. Your all plans of weekend demolish when you come to know that your pond is leaking and you have to get it done repaired. You have to call to someone for help or do it by yourself in both condition your spending of time and money is fixed. When it is must to do the repair your pond doesn’t delay it starts it as soon as possible. For all of your projects around pond must be planned. If you are going to it alone or with someone’s help. You need required tools and the final product for sealing Pond Coating.

Bring back the refreshment to your garden by repairing your pond. Now bring the Pond shield coating one of the main products which is known as a permanent repair. It will take you out of fatigue of doing the repair again and again. Its ten years warranty is as solid as its self is.It resists against each type of puncture, weather or temperature extremes. In the chill cold, you would be free from pond freezing fear and it is eco-friendly so you may keep all plants and fish according to your choice. Pond shield coating is amazing for concrete pond sealing. Approximately it is suitable for all type of ponds. It doesn’t take any more time than the regular application of any liner. Either you will come to know at the time of application that it takes less time and money as compared to other Pond coatings. But it spends more time with you as a long-lasting solution. Its extraordinary quality is to keep water transparent and free of algae. Its healthy impact keeps habitats happy and stops harmful germs growth.

Pond shield coating is an excellent choice proved by experience. For its application no special equipment considered necessary. You may use just brush or roll on. Drain the water from your pond and make it clean and dry. Mark the leaky area. Just get the liquid base Pond shield coating mixed with the driller and apply it to the dried surface of the pond. Its one thick, durable coat is enough to reassemble the broken part. Its bond is strong enough to join the seam. It provides a beautifully smooth surface which you may enjoy more than ten years. But at least ten years are with guaranty. Enjoy your pond pleasure with the long-lasting care of Pond shield coating and get the peace of mind.

Liquid Pond Liner Coatings -Essential Part of Your Pond Maintenance

Nothing can be the obstacle for a nice walk, to sit and chat with the close friend, for a tense final battle, at a bank of your pond. Condition is its perfect maintenance, what is usually neglected. If you want your pond in perfect condition then you will have to look after it with continuity. It is not enough that you dig a pond and let it be without care. There will be a day you have to remove it, it’s not pleasant. It’s better to care for a start by maintaining the leakage with pond coating.

Liquid Pond Liner Coatings

Whether you create a shape yourself and use a pond liner or decide to use a preformed molded pond you need to consider as a part of your pond maintenance. It’s always best to let a pond with pond liner coatings. It was thought that Concrete ponds cannot be sealed permanently with Pond Liner sealant. It has proved falls and liquid pond liner has proved it that any type of pond and pond liner can be cured.

It was thought that you need a lot of money and heavy coats to achieve required thickness for safe ponds surface but again liquid pond liner coatings give your pond complete treatment of safety in low budget and its one coat is enough to secure the surface of the pond for ten years. It’s technology based on year’s research for good results and proven good methodology.

It saves your time and makes you tension free. Its long-term companionship makes your pond fresh and leak-free for ten years. When you first dig a pond, you don’t just build a pond you keep your dreams there and get them true when it’s completed. Same its destroying condition is not only your financial loss it’s you frustrate emotionally and get tired to repair it again and again. Liquid pond liner coatings are a complete solution for your frustration and it repairs right in first time with one coat. It saves your efforts and money with time. It gives you year’s satisfaction with fearless relief from seasonal changes.

When you’re ponds eventually springs a leak. Whether it’s Concrete, EPDM or Wood, with it you’ll be able to fix it in the shorter time. Liquid coating cures the surface into a seamless waterproof membrane that is like a shield between a surface and outer elements. This product is water-based and contains no solvents, non-toxic too. This quality makes your fish live safe and healthy and you may have plants of your choice too. Its availability is as easy as click the button. The online order makes it possible to get it everywhere in the world. Apply it with the help of this guideline

  • Drain the pond’s water
  • Get the surface dry clean and washed
  • Keep the fish and plants safe for repair time
  • Mix the product with driller to get finest quality liquid
  • Apply it with roller, paintbrush or sprayer according to your convenience
  • Ensure one coat at every corner where you even doubt about leak
  • Let it be dry and then refill the pond

A liquid pond liner coating usually takes one day or little more to dry but Curing time depends on temperature, humidity, and airflow. Different pond liners for different ponds, but that is suitable for every type.